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Me and my girlfriend by xXTara-AngelXx
Me and my girlfriend
I was able to take a selfie without her consent on the last week of school. <3 She has blue hair while I have pink. Out friends like to refer to us as cotton candy:3

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       Comfort zones are needed when building an already well attached friendship. Being able to open up, be yourself, and tell the truth is keen to a healthy relationship of any kind. Fights may break out in between the bonding, but that’s only normal in building the friendship. Though, sometimes fights are the breaking points that either make or break the bond.
       “Can’t I get one day where you’re not constantly breathing down my fucking neck?” she yelled towards the blond male sitting on top of her assigned desk in her homeroom. Their surroundings were greyed out in a monochrome fashion, time slowed to a complete stop. Other students that attended her school were frozen, all the color drained from their bodies. Some were stuck in a writing position, others just about to sit or even stand from their seats. The only colored beings were her and the demon that sat smugly grinning on her grey desk. There were times where she wished she could go back in time and stop herself from making a deal with this pest of a Dream Demon, Bill Cipher. Though, she then remembers how they met. She had a tight rope attached to a hook on the ceiling right below the wobbliest wooden stool she could dig out from her kitchen. She stood in between the two, right above the chair and right below the noose. That’s when he came along.
       Bill chuckled loudly enough for the students on the other side of the wall in the classroom next door to hear; you know, if they weren’t currently frozen in both time and space. He shook his head, that maniacal grin taking up half his pastel face. “Oh Doll, you know you love me! Come on, I was just visiting you,” he defended himself, smoothing out his yellow, pyramid patterned tailcoat out from underneath his rear end, dangling the tails over the edge of her desk.
       She sighed, rubbing her temples with the tips of her fingers, grinding her teeth together. She despised it when he’d appear literally out of nowhere and bug her relentlessly. He’d stop the time around them and bring her into a whole other dimension he dubbed the Mindscape; a place he can retreat himself and others to without disruption. It wasn’t different from the current world they resided in, just a more greyed and melancholy-like atmosphere.
       “Bill, I’m really not in the mood for your shenanigans today, just please leave me alone for once,” she practically begged, scowling up at him with dropping eyelids. Her day hasn’t exactly been a walk through an empty park. She woke up from a nightmare Bill didn’t give her for once. Waking up soaked in her own tears and sweat, Bill was at least kind enough to assist her out of bed, make her a quick snack for breakfast and walk her to school. Unfortunately, she was late to her homeroom and her teacher reprimanded her in front of the entire class, embarrassing her and providing her with a detention. It had been days, possible week since she had taken her Fluoxetine pills; medication for depression her doctor had recommended for her to consume one pill a day. To top of the bad day cake, Bill had decided he was nice enough to her for today and popped in to pester her more.
       “No can do, Dollface!” he propped his elbows on his knees, resting his chin in the palm of his hands. “What’s wrong with me wanting to see my favorite person in the whole world?” he asked in feigned dejection, pursing his lower lip in a pout, fluttering his eyelashes.
       Not wanting anything to do with his games, she stood herself up, violently pushing her desk chair back in the process. Glaring up at Bill she clenched her fists together, squeezing her eyes shut. “Look. Just leave me the fuck alone for today, alright? I’m not in the mood for any of your bullshit and I’d rather get through the day before I fucking explode.” At the end of her small rant, she inhaled a deep breath, shakily exhaling as her eyes open, only to widen more.
       Bill’s usual egotistical expression inflamed to a more enraged one. His once golden attire had changed to a fiery red color, the yellow tint that surround the one visible black slitted eye had the same color. The yellow triangle in the middle of his eyepatch was red as well. The only golden feature about him now was his flaxen hair that splayed out in the air. His grin had curled into an agitated frown, his eyebrows creasing into a scowl similar to the one she gave to him before standing.
       He slowly stood up from his place at the desk, moving directly in front of her to intimidatingly tower over her smaller figure. She gulped nervously, as she slowly began to back away from the peeved off demon, only to have Bill follow her steps.
       “Who the fuck do you think you’re talking to?” his echoed and high-pitched voice had changed to a much deeper and nefarious tone. She’s never seen Bill so angry before and the knowledge of his violent tendencies worried her.
       “Bill, I-“
       “Who in the actual fuck do you think you’re talking to!” his sentence structure and the tone of which he said it made it seem like more of an exclamation than a question. “I will not allow a measly human speak to me in such a demanding tone, do you hear me?”
       Bill had backed her into a wall, pressing his hands firmly against the wall on either side of her to pin her in place. Too frightened to speak, she merely nodded her head, hoping he was doing this just to scare her, or that he’d snap out of it soon. He had never purposely hurt her before and she hoped that wouldn’t start now.
       “You will answer my question using your voice!” he demanded, leaning in closer to her face, his burning breath hitting against her cheek. “Now, do I make myself clear?”
       Trembling in both fear and anger, her eyes hesitantly opened to meet his gaze. She tried to shake herself out of her terrified state, returning the glare that he was giving her. “Excuse you?” she managed to mutter out, her voice low yet firm. “I’m not going to let you boss me around like this! I can talk to you any way I damn well-“
       Her rebellion was cut short as a sharp pain shot through her entire face, a throbbing sensation digging into her cheek. Bill’s hand had pulled back and swung forward, the back of his knuckles quickly coming into contact with the side of her face. A red mark spread across her cheek where he had backhanded her. Her head flung to the side from the force, making her face completely away from Bill. Her eyes were wide in shock and utter betrayal. This is a side of Bill she’s never witnessed before. He’s never laid a violent hand towards her before, no matter how angry either of them got at each other. There would be times where she would come home upset and Bill would allow her to hit his chest as much as she wanted until she calmed down, considering her arms were skimpy she never made much damage.
       Bringing her hand up to her face, she rubbed the throbbing area where the slap took place, barely processing what had just happened. “B-Bill…” she mumbled, her voice meek and hesitant, thinking anything she’ll say will gauge the same reaction as before.
       Bill roughly grabbed her neck pushing her back against the wall he had cornered her in, her back violently hitting against the wall; a loud bang emitting throughout the monochrome building, not a soul to hear. She coughed out a cry as the wind was knocked out of her, fresh salty tears now streaming down her reddened cheek. “I could kill you where you stand,” he growled, his voice brought down to a low, somewhat demonic tone; slowed and fiendish. “In fact, I wish I hadn’t have approached you at your most vulnerable point. I should’ve let you slip that fragile little neck of your into that noose and kicked the chair out from under you myself!”
       Her cobalt blue eyes looked as if they’d pop out of their sockets from how wide in utter disbelief. Had she heard him correctly? Was Bill Cipher, the only human –or demon- she found a reason in living for, really say he wished she had killed herself that fateful day the two had met? Choking back sobs, she looked him straight in the eyes, her own flooded with warm tears. Her eyes shown with betrayal at his spiteful actions and hurtful words, guilt for being the one who had caused him to go into such an angered state, and sorrow for contemplating making his wish come true.
       Wish his hands still wrapped around her neck, Bill’s eyes suddenly widened, as if he just realized what was happening. The red coloring on him began to slowly fade back into his signature yellow shade as his grip on her began to loosen. “D-Doll…?” he murmured.
       She started up at him, her breathing shaky and panicked, still rubbing the sore spot on her face. “Fine,” she spat out, sniffling the mucus clogging her nose. “Your wish will be fucking granted.”
       Before Bill could say anymore, he was pushed back into a desk, falling onto the top like he was earlier. She shook her head, not bothering to wipe away the many tears that fell from her eyes as they drip onto the marble flooring. Without a word, she turned on her heels, heading straight for the doorway out of the classroom, kicking stray book bags form the other frozen students out of the aisle as she walked.
       Bill shot up from his seat faster than a bullet being shot from a gun and out the door, following the crying girl out into the barren hallway. She didn’t make it past the middle section of the lockers before Bill tackled her in a hug from behind, his arms wrapped tightly around her waist as he leaned down to bury his face in the crook of her neck. She stumbled from his pounce before freezing, trembling from the physical contact he was giving her, worried thoughts of more violence running through her mind. She felt Bill shake his head, his golden locks ruffling against her scarlet red strands.
       “No, I’m not doing that again, I’m never doing that again,” he spoke, having read her thoughts of fret. His voice was back to normal, no longer the evil and slowed tone, reverted back to the echoed and higher pitched one. His normal one. He slowly brought the two of them down onto the cold tiles beneath them, pulling the red head into his lap, cradling her and rocking her back and forth. “I-I shouldn’t have done that, I shouldn’t have fucking done that.” He sighed against her neck, making her jump from the sudden coldness of his breath. While still frantic about his previous actions against her, her breathing began to calm at the awareness of his color change, too blinded by her own tears to have noticed beforehand. Bill brought his hand up to gently caress the irritated skin he had previously hit, causing her to flinch from the touch in the process. He brushed his thumb over her cheek, trying to sooth the red mark he had left. The demonic side of him was scolding his sincere actions towards the human teenager. He was supposed to be this evil and cunning being! What was he doing comforting this measly creature? Yet, his benign side of him was praising his decision to have snapped out of his sudden angered state. He didn’t mean to explode on her so suddenly, not having much of a control on his major emotions such as anger or sadness; almost bipolar when it came to expressing his feelings towards a subject.  
       As the two sat there in melancholy silence, the once terrified teenager had begun to calm down as Bill delicately caressed the side of her face, tracing shapes on the front of her shirt; his grip never loosening. She was the first to speak, her voice cracking from the snot and tears that had built up in her throat, and stuttering out of nervousness. “Do- Do you still wish you had let me ki-kill myself?”
       Bill cringed at her question, automatically shaking his head. “No. Never, not in a million God damn years. God, I can’t imagine you dead, Doll, not at all,” he took in a deep breath. “I’m sorry I hit you, oh fuck I’m so fucking sorry. I don’t want you dead, I’m sorry I hit-, oh fuck.”
       She shifted in her seat on Bill’s lap, turning herself to where she was straddling the demon. She wrapped her arms around his upper torso, returning his protective hug and stuffing her face in the fabric of his coat. “I’m- I’m sorry I angered you,” she apologized in a small voice, staining the material of his clothing with the fresh tears running down the corners of her eyes.
       His grip on her tightened as he pressed himself as close as physically possible to her. “No, don’t be sorry. You did nothing wrong, you don’t ever do anything wrong. Oh God, please stop crying, fuck, this is not how this day should have went.” He rambled out more curse words as he rocked her back and forth like a guardian comforting their child. He ran his hand up and down her back, her shirt lifting up and down as he did so. He never wanted to let her go. He was too afraid she would up and leave him if he did. His attachment with her had grown too strong for it to break now. He allowed her to cry in his chest as he pressed his lips against her shoulder that was exposed form the thick strapped tank top she wore that warm, high eighty degrees afternoon; trailing kisses up and down her shoulder and neck, trying to calm her down the best he could. He felt like more of a monster than a demon at this point.
       “Doll,” he broke the silence between them, unwillingly leaning back from the embrace to gaze into her tear-filled eyes. Moving both arms up, he cupped her face in the palm of his hands, his gaze trailing all over her features. Her cheeks were pale, an exception to the one he had earlier hit. Her lips her split and bleeding from how much she was biting them out of habit and nervousness. Her eyes looked dull, almost dead. He couldn’t stand to see her in such a disconsolate state. Without hesitation, he closed the gap in between them, his lips connecting like a puzzle piece with hers. He watched as her eyes widened, the tears seeming to have stopped, as if too shocked by the sudden compassionate action to continue. His spirit lit up as her eyes slowly began to lazily droop closed, her head moving to press her lips more into his, returning the gesture. Now with consent to the kiss he had started, the rhythmic movements his lips made against hers became more paced, somewhat feverish as he allowed his eyes to fall closed in suit with hers. Sparks flew like fireworks on a Four of July night. He pulled back from her mouth with a small smooching sound, not wanting to part from her chapped yet soft lips, but needing to talk to her more before anymore actions like that took place between the two. He needed to make sure she didn’t entirely hate him because of his outburst from earlier.
       “Doll, I can’t say sorry enough for what I did in that room. I had no right to lay that sort of hand on you, no right at all,” he rubbed her cheeks with his gloved thumbs, brushing against her smooth skin, almost chuckling at the warmness of her flesh. “I didn’t mean what I said about wishing you dead, not at all, Doll. You know that, right?”
       She brought her hands up to loosely wrap her fingers around his wrists, moving her fingertips against the fabric of his gloves. Her mind was racing at a million miles an hour, still fussing over the kiss he gave her just seconds ago. He’s never done such a thing to her before now. Their relationship as friends never hinted at anything more than that, and she never thought about it. She reached her hand up to take the floating top hat out of the air above of Bill’s head, placing it stationary on top of hers; something Bill allowed her to do on occasion she came home upset or if she forgot to take her anti-depression pills. A small gesture that cheered her up. She cracked a thin smile, nodding her head in response to his question.
       “Bill, the only reason I’m here on this planet right now is because a certain Dream Demon is absolute shit as his job of being a demon,” she stiffened out a giggled.
       Bill sighed in relief, internally thankful she wasn’t too upset at him. Removing his hands from her flushed face, he pulled her into a tight hug, gripping onto the back of her shirt protectively. “I am pretty shitty at what I do, huh? Fuck, I couldn’t even get our deal right. I was supposed to protect you, and what do I do? Become the thing you needed protection from most.” He bowed his head against her shoulder, sighing solemnly.
       She shook her head, pressing her forehead against Bill’s shoulder, rubbing his back up and down. “We made that deal, what, half a year ago? You haven’t shown any sort of violence towards me until now. Sure, we play fight and you pull pranks on me a bunch, but that doesn’t change anything. Don’t think that just because you hit me that I’m gonna start hating you or being scared of you. Sure, it was kinda scary, but I’m alright now, right?
       “I’d just appreciate it if you’d never do it again,” she chuckled nervously, leaning back to look Bill in the eyes. “The deal is still on, right? You protect me and I’m your vessel. Business as usual?”
       Bill frowned. Business as usual? Where did she ever get that anecdote?
       “Bill, why’d you wake me up so early? It’s Saturday, right? There’s no school,” she whined, swiping away at the hand shaking her shoulders. She dragged the blanket over her head, groaning as his shaking hadn’t ceased.
       Bill chuckled, shaking his head and flinging the comforter off of her, only resulting in more whines and moans to leave her lips. “Come on Doll, I need your body for today! Pinetree will never expect me to attack at such an early hour of the day!”
       Sitting herself up, she sighed, rubbing her eyes with her knuckles. “You do realize how horribly perverted that sounds, right? Can’t you just pester him in your demon, triangle form or something?”
       Bill shook his head, running his hands through her hair, brushing the frizzed up locked with his fingers, gentle with the knots that formed during her sleep. “Sorry Doll, we had a deal, remember? Business as usual.” He stated, grinning down at her.
       She looked down at her mattress, fingering at the wrinkles beneath her weight. “Yeah. Business. I’ll go get dressed.”

       Bill hadn’t noticed how bothersome her expression was that early morning. She kept on a smile the rest of the day as she followed him through the Mindscape, watching as he annoyed Dipper to the extreme; stealing his stuff, pouring water over his head, nearly tripping him down the stairs. It made her happy that he was happy, even if it was just ‘business as usual’.
       Without a second thought, Bill opened his mouth to speak. “I’m cutting off our deal.”
       Her eyes widened and her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Cutting off the deal? She shook her head. “What do you mean?”
       “Our deal is off. You’re no longer my vessel and I’m no longer your protector,” he stated in a monotone voice, his expression growing serious.
       Bowing her head to peer down at the buttons of his tailcoat, she merely nodded in understanding. “If that’s what you really want, I-“
       “You didn’t let me finish,” Bill interrupted her, cupping her chin in his palm and bringing her face back up to look at him.
       “Our deal is off. But I want to make another.” His hand gripped her shoulders, a small genuine smile plastered on his cheeks. “Instead of being my vessel, I need you to conduct a ritual for me. This ritual will allow me to become a physical vessel. It may seem as if I can do so much already just as I am, but there’s much I can’t do. I have limits I want broken. So, I need your assistance.
       “Do this for me, and in return I’ll never leave your side. You’ll be pulled out of school, be granted immortality, and I’ll never allow another soul to harm you ever again.”
       Taking in all that he said, her` breathing hitched in a gasp. Immortality? Taken out of school? “Wait, immortality? Like, I can’t die? And why school? I need an education you know. Would the ritual hurt? How would I even-“
       Bill clasped a hand over her mouth than ran forty miles an hour with a laugh. “Jeez, you just love asking questions, don’t you? Okay, well, you won’t die by old age, but there are way you can and I’m not going over that with you now. As for school, I’ll be your homeschool teacher for a while. It’s not like any of this shit is gonna help you in the real world with me, Doll.
       “And, as for the ritual…” he paused, furrowing his brows ad sighing. “…yes, it might hurt a bit. It requires a blood sacrifice from a being that has a strong bond or connection with the individual looking to become a vessel. Not too much blood, only a few couple of drops,” he hesitantly answered her question, hoping she was on board with the idea of the process.
       She thought over the deal she was about to make with the Dream Demon whose lap she was currently sitting in. Fiddling with the front buttons of his coat she thought about her life before meeting Bill. Empty. Empty of excitement, fun, joy, and more importantly, empty of him. He had saved her life more times than one, she’d literally be dead without him and she was forever grateful for that. It felt uncanny to trust a Dream Demon with her life, yet she did.
       “What do you say, kiddo?” He raised his hand and if the blue flame hadn’t have emitted from his gloved fingers, she would assume he was about to hit her again; noticeably flinching. Bill took notice, frowning once more. “Hey, I’m never going to do that to you ever again, I told you. I’ll learn to control my anger to where you won’t be in danger by my idiotic actions any longer.” Noticing her calm down, his smile returned. “So, is it a deal?”
       Gazing down at her own hand she flexed her fingers, outstretching them as if observing the skin. It had been so long since they made their first deal, it felt like centuries though it had only been so many months ago. She remembered the tingly feeling the blue flame had caused to shoot through her arm and all over her body before she awoke in her room with his symbol branded on the palm of her right hand. In case he wasn’t around, she used it as a sort of summoning method; holding her hand up to her eye causing him to appear at will. She rarely used it considering he shadowed her constantly. She almost forgot about it completely.
       Without a moment’s notice, her lips curled into a wide, joyful smile, sending waves of satisfaction through Bill’s mind. “Bill Cipher,” she intertwined her fingers with his gloved hand, allowing that familiar blue fire to surround her hand. “We have a deal.”
       His signature widened grin had returned at her words, grasping her hand tightly, as if afraid to let her go. The sapphire flame shot down her arm, clouding her entire body, lifting her off of Bill’s lap and into the greyed air. Bill followed, letting go of her hand and wrapping his arms around her waist, pulling her closer as they floated unmoving in the air.
       “When you wake up, you’ll wake up a whole new you, Doll,” he covered her eyes with his hand, leaning down to where the tips of their noses were touching. “No more harmful, physical violence with us. A new deal, a new start.”
       With a smile, she nodded, shutting her eyes underneath his palm. “New deal, new start,” she repeated happily. “Yeah, you’re a really shitty demon,” she giggled.
       Rolling his eyes, he leaned down to press his lips gently against hers for a few seconds before pulling away; both faces flushed a subtle scarlet. “I’m blaming you for that,” he chuckled. “Just sleep for now, Doll. You’ll wake up feeling wonderfully refreshed!”
       A sudden wave of drowsiness crashed through her body. She allowed herself to slump against Bill’s front, her head dangling on his shoulder with her arms loosely wrapped around his neck. Her breath hitting his neck began to slow into leisurely gasps of air. She nuzzled her face into the crook of his neck, her nose tickling his skin and making him giggle from the contact.
       “Sweet dreams, Doll,” he cooed in a whisper. “Another deal, another chance kid. Let’s make it count.”
       Holding her close to his body, he closed his eyes, breathing in her calming scent of lavender and peppermint; a strange combination for an aroma, but it was unique in its own way and he loved it. He pressed a tender kiss against her shoulder before snapping his fingers, disappearing from the monochrome building with the sleeping teenager in his arms; allowing the schools color to return and time to continue. The fight the two had shared was the make or break of their entire future with each other.
       Luckily they were able to make it.
Another Deal (Bill Cipher)
Another part to the mini series I'm doing with this no named girl. (I don't think it needs a warning other than the language)
       It was cold that day. I remember because the winds whisked past my face through the small cracks and holes in my broken window along with small droplets of gelid rain shooting like bullets onto my cheeks. I lay on my bed, buried in a bundle of blankets, shivering as my own tears blended in with the rain beading down on the roof over my head. I remember this day because it’s the day I learned what a hurricane was. It’s the day I learned what my first fear was; murky weather and heavy winds. As a five year old I was naturally small in size height wise, standing at a mere four foot two. As the monstrous hurricane soon subsided hours, what felt like days later, my mother grasped my hand and with a loving, reassuring smile, leading me outside to observe the damage the winds had caused. I didn’t understand the sight before my eyes back then as a child, but as I think back at that neighborhood now, I’m glad I didn’t. Trees that once stood tall and proud in the sky had fallen onto the pavement and backyards of my neighbors. If memory serves right, at least two houses were missing chunks of their roof and windows; trees of heavy rain having taken a toll on the material that held up the house. My mom had to keep a tight grip on my petite hand as the winds were still heavy and I felt my feet began to raise from the asphalt beneath my Barbie sneakers. I had to beg mom to bring me back inside for I was too frightened to stay outside for another second. I felt as if I couldn’t breathe and my vision began to manipulate the world around me, changing objects from small to bigger, indistinguishable to clear. That feeling of dread that showered me during those terrible hurricane days still haunt me as I listen to the droplets of rain pound against my broken window and sturdy roof over my head. The storm rages on.
       It was warm that day. I remember because of the arms that were wrapped tightly around my upper torso in a comforting display of affection and love. His chin rested on my shoulder as I laid the side of my cheek against his tangled raven hair, enjoying the short lived moment as it lasted. Though the warm rays of sunlight shown down on our scalps, warming our souls, I felt scared. Though his soft spoken and angelic voice mumbled soothing words to my shaking and crying figure, I felt horrified. Though he told me countless times it was alright and that everything would be fine in due time, I felt forlorn. I had learned that day what the word trust meant and I wanted nothing but to be able to spit out this bittersweet vocabulary from my dictionary and bury it deep in the dirt where it belonged. Progress in time and building causalities limits my ability to comprehend what others say in a sincere and meaningful text. Trust in me and anyone near had begun to debauch at the unfortunate age of only seven.
       I screamed that day. My own eardrums rang in my skull at the sound of my own piercing voice as my throated singed in pain from the burning sensation emanating from my lungs. The deplorable aroma of latex and leather stung my nostrils and made my eyes water and burn. The crunching and bone tingling sound of bones breaking in my skull made me cringe, though not physically as that action was impossible at that current moment. My mouth was propped, or rather forced open my a steel guard of some sorts as a pair of what looked to be pliers probed the insides of my mouth, yanking out over five of my blunt teeth. Replacing the holes with fake silver teeth, I was let go from my prison, tears streaming down my face as my hand cupped my cheek, rubbing the numb skin pathetically as an attempt to calm myself down. Leaving that office, I resented the mere thought of ever stepping foot in such a terrible and haunting place again. But sometimes we don’t always get what we want. Latex gloves, maraschino colored leather chairs, the whirring drills, and the prickling feeling of goosebumps rising on my arms and neck has yet to escape from my memory. I learned what the word phobia meant that day.
       I laughed that day. My body slumped onto my oversized futon alongside the boy I had the pleasure of calling my ideal best friend. A warm controller in one hand, an open can of Monster energy drink in the other, I felt complete with him by my side. My stomach began to hurt and cramp as my hand clamped over my abdomen, my mouth gaping as my throated shooting out waved of wheezes and uncontrollable laughter; hysterical even. Nearly spilling my beverage, I leaned my head against his shoulder, dropping my controller and hitting his back, yelling at him to cease his current actions that are causing my stomach muscles to spasm and twitch in such a humorous way. He hadn’t done anything to me physically to have caused such laughter to leave my vocal cords. He merely made a comment towards a videogame we were so indulged in, it took me by surprised and caused my befuddled expression at his words to soon dissolve into laughter. I learned what the word content meant that day.
       I felt vacuous that day. Her burning stare gazed into my eyes as her faux smile crippled my thoughts into believing her vexing lies she spoon fed me every day like a mindless child hoisted up into a highchair. I trusted her and I believe in her. I believed her when she told me she’d love me till the end of time. I believed her when she told me she’d do anything for me, so long as we’re both happy and content with one another’s decisions. I believed her when she spoke. Shunning decisions and thoughtless actions only result in the outcome depleting into a withered version of the plan we map out for ourselves in our head; crushing the sleepless dreams we dream and sending us nightmares in the mail with no return address. But dreams are only dreams, and that is what she was. In a dream, you can conjure up whatever you can conceive and manipulate the imitation of reality into something greater, something palpable. Yet, I’m afraid to dream.
       I felt angry that day. Rage boiled inside me like a lobster being broiled alive in a scorching hot pot full of bubbling water. My knuckles turned white from how tight they were clenched together at my side, my arms twitching spastically as I resisted the urge to swing my wrists upward towards the targeted being in front of me. Her mocking laugh only fueled my aggravation; more firewood being hastily tossed into the already roaring fire that crackled as it licked the air around it in desperation to burn. The blood rushed to my face in pure anger and hatred at the taller eighth grader in front of me. As a twelve year old boldly scowling up at the fourteen year old in front of me with no one else around to assist either of us in the case of violence, I felt vulnerable and frightened. But something snapped; a chocolate brown tree branch in my minds emerald forest. My vision blackened as my mind blurred, yet I could feel my knee come into contact with something soft, followed by a wince of pain that didn’t come from me. I felt my glasses fly from my face, as well as my hands swinging and swiping down at someone below me. I had only then realized I had begun to straddle the female, hitting down at her with a fury neither of us knew I possessed. It didn’t last long. Others that belonged in the female’s fake friend circle had come to her rescue, throwing me off of her as they scampered her to the clinic. I learned what the word issue meant that day.
       I felt discouraged that day. This illusion of a realty spun backflips in my mind, racing faster than my fingers on this keyboard as I type as if my life depended on it. My guardians never well informed me of a few valuable acknowledgements that I had longed to know about. This holographic universe didn’t make much sense to me. It still doesn’t. I can comprehend quantum physics and somewhat understand the multiverse theory. Yet the demise of others as the sand in their hourglass runs out still eludes me to this very day. Beings entangle themselves into farcical state of affairs while asking how they found themselves in such precarious predicaments. Holes are dug by those afraid to descend into. Coffins are buried by the deceased themselves, and others wonder what point their actions serve. My teacher once told me to simply go buy some gold, bury it, and just wait out the end of the world, “cause it ain’t gonna get better”. I developed a fear of a meaningless death that day.
       It was cold today. A cold, windy morning hit my face as I stepped outside into the driveway of my small home that held five including myself. As the time from the car ride to the school passes, I step out onto the chilling concrete, the holes in my black boots not proving helpful as the similar holes in my socks expose my heels, chilling the back of my feet. Greeted with friendly faces, warm hugs, and hilariously ironic inside jokes, I feel as though I belong. Though my jacket holds no support in these internally cold shivers, I at least have a few blankets to warm me throughout the breezes; huddling around me the days I most need them. I thank them in my own way without actually using the word itself. I haven’t had the unfortunate privilege to have gone through a certain number of hardships, as many others have. But I still had fears, night terrors as a child, and hallucinations during a simple illness. Life has prepared me for future situations I wouldn’t have been able to fight through during prior years. Positive thinking, self-motivation and a glass full of ice cold apple juice keeps me going through the boulders that tumble down from the mountain overhead and onto the road I continue to trek. My only advice to anyone willing to peer over these arguable words and incoherent vocabulary is simple; wear a jacket, buckle up your jeans, grab a beanie and embrace the cold because it’s never going away. Don’t be selfish, don’t be frightened, and don’t be weak. There are people out there who feed on weakness and fear and we as vulnerable human teenagers are dripping in it.
       It was cold today. So, what did you do?
It Was Cold That Day
Something I wrote for speech. The topic was about anything we wanted it to be, so I did this. 

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       “Leave,” a command his ears have grown all too familiar with during these past few months. A command he wouldn’t follow like an obedient dog on a leash to its owner.
       “Leave? Now why would you want me to do that? Don’t you enjoy my company?”
       A scoff escaped her thin peach lips, followed by the shaking of her head; her ear length hair shuffling against her skull and in the summer breeze.
       “Company? You mean the nightmares you stuff into my brain every night? The pranks and tricks you pull on me while I’m at school? You mean the-“
       He lifted a gloved hand in the air, cutting her words off, his skimpy fingers waving back and forth.
       “There’s no need to continue that statement,” he said with a sigh of defeat. Pinching the bridge of his nose, he left out yet another huff of air for the umpteenth time that day, rearing his eyes elsewhere; anywhere that wasn’t her.
       “If you’re not going to leave, and if you don’t want anything in particular other than to pester me, I’m going back to-“
       As she began to saunter towards the pathway behind the blond man in her way, he took a step to the side, blocking her exit, his hands politely folded behind the back of his yellow, pyramid patterned, tailcoat.
       “Now, now, kiddo, remember our deal? I need you for today.”
        His daunting smirk sent shivers down her spine as she shook her head, growing irritated by the elegant looking male currently bothering her; quite out of place what with his malicious and suspicious nature in the rather placid and quiet scenery surrounding them.
       “You said you had no plans for today. Look, I have things to do today and I don’t need you getting in my way!” her attempt at dominance went utterly ignored as the male simply scoffed with a cocked eyebrow.
       “Things to do? Bah! Oh course you do. Work this, baseball that, school this… Is that all you do? You’re no fun at all, red.”
       His hands rested on his hips in a sassy-like manner, squinting an eye towards the crimson haired female. She would have noticed both eyes sending her a father mocking gleam, but the right one was covered by a black, triangular eyepatch, a rather useless one at that considering his vison was a perfect 20/20.
        “Not with you around. Which, mind you, is all the time. Ever since you showed up in my life, there’s been no time for fun.”
       She buried her clenched fists into the sagging pockets of her rather large, emerald green khaki jeans that would constantly be stepped on by her heels from how far the cuffs go down to, often dirtying them up by the end of the day. She let out an aggravated sigh, almost begging for him to leave her alone in her mind, absolutely not in the mood for his games and tricks.
       “You forget I’ve been watching you even before I first came into contact with you. Ha! Oh, kid, you’re hilarious,” he exclaimed with the slapping of his knee, his echoed and maniacal laughter bouncing off the trees of the woodland where they currently stood, not a soul to hear. The younger females’ house was quite a ways away from the town she attended school at, having to cut through the forest as a shortcut most of the time.  
       “Face it, kid, you’re desolate without me. Remember, I follow you when you go to classes and to your games. You don’t interact with anyone unless you need to, and people have begun to notice so they don’t speak with you. In this sad reality, I’m your only friend.”
       Her glare soften but her fists only tighten up, her knuckles beginning to turn white as the blood rushed away from the pressured area. She couldn’t have said it better herself. Before the golden haired demon showed up, her life was just one long and endless silent black and white movie. She’d go weeks, months even, without speaking to a soul around her, keeping in her own little bubble of solitude no one could pop. That is, until she met him. Truth be told, she didn’t utterly detest his company. No, she’s grown rather fond of the demon that shadowed her everywhere. It was oddly comforting to her to know that she can actually have a full on conversation with someone without the topic growing old or boring. She’d often times interact or communicate with him during class. As a demon, a Dream Demon at that, he holstered the ability to read minds, so she’d think whatever she wanted to say to him, and he’d respond; making his form invisible to those around them, only for her to see. A unique friendship at that, though it did come with a small wager. A deal with the devil, almost.
       She let out a sigh, hanging her head as she let her gaze fall onto the chocolate brown dirt beneath her, her shoulders slouched.
       “Yeah, you’re right, aren’t you? I’ve kept myself secluded away from others, I’ve begun to forget what the word friend actually meant. It’s funny as to how my first ever friend turned out to not actually be a normal human, huh? Man, I’m pathetic…”
       His smirk fell, a rare sight to see, for that wicked smile of his was practically glued to his face, unless angered or upset which, again, was a rare sight to see. It began to dawn on him at how long the two have been by each other’s side; nearly two years now. Two years ago, the two had made a deal with one another. As a Dream Demon with no physical vessel, he needed a body, one with working veins, a beating heart, and a thoughtful brain, in order to cause any significance in his plans with a certain male teen that resided in the town, the two being at a small war at the moment, and in exchange, he stays alongside the girl, protecting her from any danger in her life until the day she gulps her last breath of fresh air. He would be able to possess her, in a way, and be granted permission do to whatever he pleases as he charades as the girl while her soul, meanwhile, floated in a place one would call Limbo. Though, the demon simply dubbed it the Mindscape; a place where she’s practically a ghost. She could maneuver through the real world, following him in her body if she wishes, unable to be seen to anyone but him. Once his business in her body was accomplished, her body would be returned to her, though often resulting in a major headache and multiple pains all over her body, though this detail began to go unnoticed by her, as the pain was always existent, she learn to get used to it.
       He had been around the lake eyed girl for so long, he started to wonder how she would be now without him. Their first encounter was a rather unpleasant one, though not on his part. He had saved her life the first day they formally met.
       “What in Gravity Falls are you doing,” he pondered, his voice echoing throughout the room, it’s only audible inhabitant being the sobbing girl currently standing atop a wobbly wooden stool, a hastily tied noose above her head on a rusty hook drilled into the ceiling. Her actions couldn’t be clearer. Her sobs wavered and trembled, her shaking body was like that of a child on a sugar rush during Halloween night. Her head swiveled towards the stranger in her doorway, his hands folded over his chest, his one-eyed gaze staring into her eyes calmly.
       “W-who…” her voice was husky and almost forced, it having been months since she uttered her last word. She peered towards the man with shocked and terrified eyes, more tears streaming down her pale cheeks, down to her chin, and plopping onto the chair and tiled flooring below her.
      “There’s really no need for this, you know,” it was more of a statement rather than a question in context.
       He took slow, cautious steps towards her, not taking his eyes off of her trembling figure.
       “As much as I love pain, I find it hilarious in fact, this isn’t exactly an intellectual way to go. It’s rather interesting to see, however, what pushes you humans to such lengths in such a period of time.”
       She gripped onto the noose, dangerously close to her neck, eyeing the stranger up and down. He was rather formally dressed, a while buttoned up undershirt neatly tucked into a pair of freshly ironed, black dress pants, the top of which covered by a yellow, pyramid patterned, tailcoat. He wore black gloves that covered his light pink tinted fingers, the darkened color exact to the triangular bowtie that rested just below his pointed chin; a small scruff of a blond goatee growing on his skin. His hair was short, barely going below his ears, blond and rather spikey looking. Above him levitated a long, rectangular ebony top hat. Covering his right eye was an isosceles triangle, inside it was the same shape, though in yellow with a black, slitted eye in the middle. He looked rather dapper appearance wise.
       The closer he stepped towards her, the more panicked she became.
       “S-Stay away from me! Who are you?”
       Her breathing quickened at a frantic pace, her chest heaving desperately up and down. The man held up his gloved hands in defense, standing perfectly still now.
       “Relax, kiddo, I’m not here to hurt you. Considering, you’re already about to do that yourself.”
       He let out a short, almost taunting, laugh, referring to the noose she was just about to loop around her neck.
       “Now, if you would, please step down from that stool so we can have a civilized chat. I’d rather not have to look up at you in order to do that, if you don’t mind. Plus, that rickety old chair looks like it could snap under your small frame at any second now, and, my, how that would hurt!”
       She looked towards the noose in her grasp, feeling that all too familiar feeling of depression, before returning her gaze towards the strange man in her bedroom; that melancholy feeling strangely being ripped away from her thoughts.
       The girl found herself unconsciously complying to his request, shakily stepping a foot off of the wooden furniture, stumbling onto the man in front of her, her face accidently burring into his clothed chest. The man grabbed her bobbing shoulders, gingerly walking her over towards the small sized, twin bed, sitting her down at the edge with himself poised beside her. She covered her flushed, tear stained face in her hands, sobbing rather violently into her palms, letting many unidentifiable emotions out through the water from her eyes.
       That man sat next to her, patiently waiting for the waterworks session to cease, his gloved right hand resting contently on her shoulder, giving her an almost reassuring squeeze every so often, almost as to let her know he’s still there with her. The two sat in the apathetic air filled room for what felt like hours, days to the one actually crying. She had never let her emotions run wild like this before, let alone in front of another person, or whatever this man was. She thought he could’ve been an angel, or perhaps someone looking out for her, though, she was far from it. The man began to spoke as her sobs slowly subsided into meek sniffles and gasps for air.
       “Take this any way you wish kid, but I’ve been keeping an eye on you for quite some time. I honestly didn’t think you’d go this far,” he said with a scoff.
       She lifted her head, wiping her wet face with the back of her wool knit sweater, damping the fabric, gawking up at the man.
       “An… eye on me? Like, stalking?”
       He chuckled lowly, almost darkly as if to try and creep her out. He grinned down at the girl, tilting his head as if observing her.
       “That’s another word for it yes. Though, stalking is what petty humans do. I am not a petty human,” he motioned to himself, outstretching his fingers as he did so, “I’m far from human, as a matter of fact.”
       “Then… what are you,” she inquired, trying to come to conclusions on who the man really was. He had intrigued her from the start; him showing up, seemingly out of nowhere, in her room without the simplest sound of a door being opened or a window being unlocked, to his strange honeyed aura. He frightened her, yet she felt eerily safe in his presence.
       His grin only grew, as if pleased she had asked that question, “I, kiddo, am a Dream Demon. I can manipulate dreams, haze your memories, hell, I even know what you’re thinking about right this very instant!”
       A demon? Not at all what she had anticipated. But he did get her undivided attention at this point.
       “A… Dream Demon? Enlighten me.”
       The two began to converse. Her first ever conversation she’s had since her parents passed away. It was almost thrilling for her to be able to talk and open up to someone, whether it was with a demon or not, the feeling felt nice. She even managed to crack a smile while they talked, only increasing the demons seemingly permanent grin as he watched her every muscle movement. She wasn’t like normal humans he’d encounter on a daily basis like Pinetree or Shooting Star.
       “Oh, you never told me your name,” she had spoken up after a short silence shared between the two, her having just remembered this was still a practical stranger she was talking to.
       “Ah, where are my manners? You can call me Bill. Bill Cipher,” he bowed his head, the hat above his flaxen hair remaining perfectly straight.
       Cipher. That surname was quite foreign to her, though she shrugged it off considering he wasn’t even human.
       “Oh, well I’m-“
       He raised a hand in the air, cutting her off. “Oh, no need for introductions, kid. I already know your name.”
       This fact would’ve raised more red flags about the man, but she remembered how he had said he’s been keeping an eye on her. It still freaked her out. Though after showing her his intentions aren’t bloodlust, she decided to shrug off her fears for now.
       “Man, I’m pathetic…”
       He snapped himself back into the present, the memory leaving his current thoughts. He hadn’t taken his eye off the girl whose head still hung down like a rag doll. Her sigh almost startled him, as she had been silent for quite some time. It almost began to perplex the brightly colored haired Dream Demon.
       “I’m going home to catch up on some sleep. I’m skipping class for today,” She turned on her heels, solemnly beginning to trudge back towards her house, the opposite direction of her school. The demon was quick to protest, jolting forward to rather roughly grab her upper arm, tugging her back closer to him.
       “I didn’t mean it,” he blurted out before he could even process his littered thoughts.
       She lifted her head, turning to look up at the blonds black slitted eyes, tilting her head in confusion.
       “What are you talking about?”
       He let out a huff of air, slumping his shoulders as his teeth gritted together.
       “When I said you weren’t fun. It wasn’t true. Sure, you may not have any friends to do fun things with, but you still have me. You and I have tons of fun harassing Pinetree, right? We also have fun when I bring other humans into the Dreamscape with us to mess with, right? Yeah, we have fun. You’re a rather entertaining human to have around, a reason I haven’t called off our deal, which is something I would’ve done had you been any of the other unamusing blood banks that walk around here,” he sneered, glancing towards the pathway behind them towards the town, glaring at the trees in anger; anger at most of the humans in the town and at the fact he was hesitant at apologizing to her. Being a demon of pure malice energy, with no weaknesses mind you, he wasn’t used to the word sorry, so he settled on avoiding the word all together in his own unique form of an ‘apology’.
       She sighed heavily, letting out a low chuckle that progressively got louder, more heartfelt and meaningful, to the point where she was laughing hysterically, “blood banks? Really, Cipher?”
       His smile returned to his lips, her laughter being the cause. He hadn’t heard her laugh like that for a few months. The first cause being them pulling a prank on Pinetree by tying a rope to a bucket and balancing it on the top of the door to his room. When he walked in, he got drenched by a gallon and a half of clear lake water they gathered from the stream near her house. His utterly shocked and angered expression was priceless to the two pranksters. Her laugh was quite delectable to the heartless demon, having he could be listening to it for hours and still be pleased with the sound of her vocal cords humming with joy and happiness.
       “What? That’s what you practically are! Hey, don’t judge my choice of words,” he feigned a pout, poking his saliva drenched tongue out of his mouth at her in a childish gesture.
       She rolled her eyes, her laughter subsiding into a simple, content smile; a smile that could shine the brightest light into the darkest and emptiest tunnel.
       “Hey… what were your last minute plans for today?”
       He raised an eyebrow, not seeing the point in her question, but answering nonetheless. “To go try and get that forsaken journal away from that pesky human, Pinetree. Why do you ask?”
       Her smirk grew as she raised her hand for him to take; a small, malice glint shimmering in her eyes.
        “Let’s go have fun.”
       His eyes traveled down to her petite fingers, the wind brushing up against them, making them twitch slightly at the subtle cold chill of the summer breeze. He grasped her hand with his gloved one, giving it a firm shake before dragging her closer, the grin never leaving his expression.
       “Kid… you’re a joy to have around. Now, let’s go reek entertaining havoc throughout Gravity Falls!”
       Her smile only widened as she nodded her head enthusiastically.
       “As friends… right?” she had a hopeful twinkle in her beautifully blue eyes.
       He nodded, raising a hand to ruffle her boyishly short scarlet hair, the locks rubbing in between the spaces of his fingers, sticking up from how he was messing up her hair.
       “Of course, kiddo…
       …best friends.”
A Unique Friendship (Bill Cipher)
Another part of the small series involving this unnamed female and her sort of encounters with the Dream Demon we all know and love (Though love might just be a code word for fear). 
I put the warning up for the implied suicide attempt. I'm unsure what kind of situations I should write about for these two, but I'll think of something (For those of you actually reading this, give me suggestions if you wanna! I could use some ideas). 
I apologize if Bill seems a bit out of character (OOC) in these. It's not that I'm not used to writing for generally malice characters, this is just how I write for him.
Again, Bill Cipher does NOT belong to me.
Nice day everyone! <3
       His words stung like thorns in her sides, pricking at her skin. These words held so much truth to them, yet her stubborn nature and current incoherent thinking led her to think otherwise. She tried to shake his words out of her head, but to no avail; they were there to stay.
       "What are you fighting for?"
       That’s the question of the century, isn’t it? What is there left anymore? Was there any way for her to change her current path into life? Her head burned, singed, pounded, throbbed; an unbearable pain no amount of painkillers could erase. He tormented her everywhere; mornings, school, baseball practice, her own mind wasn’t even safe from his grasp. She dreamt of him every nightfall, his abilities involving dreams and people subconscious thoughts being the reason. He made his point across that he was there to stay.
       "Why must you torture me? What have I done to anger you so much that you have to make my life a living hell?"
       Her words amused him, his taunting laugh filling the monochrome room; completely devoid of all color thanks to that demon. Wiping fake tears from his eye, he peered straight into her withering soul
       "You’ve done absolutely nothing to anger me in any way shape or form, kid. It just amuses me to see how you’re still kicking even will all the annoyances I’ve put you through."
       Amusement. Was that really all he was after? Surely there had to be more than that, she pondered. There was plenty more humans on this Earth, why did he have to pick her out of the billions?  Her gaze retracted from the golden being to observe the room she resided in. Her room, yet also not quite. Her nightstand and emerald green lamp was now a dull, grey color, her wallpaper the same, her twin sized bed a beige and depressing shade. Everything in the room was colorless and melancholy.
       "Is there… something specific you’re after? You’ve mentioned the phrase Dream Demon multiple times… But what does that mean exactly?"
       Her cluelessness made him chuckle, his echoed, honeyed voice attempting to give off a false sense of security to the young girl, though she knew better. His tricks and pranks couldn’t fool her anymore. So far, he hadn’t done anything too life threatening towards her; just the occasional scare or false sense of danger. Nothing more. She had researched multiple sources, trying to figure out anything about him. Nothing. Cold trails at every turn. Why was it so difficult to find out what a dream demon was?
       "It means I’m able to control what you dream of. I can tamper with your memories, change what you’re dreaming about. I’m also quite notorious for my… deals"
       His eye flashed a malicious red glow at his last word, a blue flame emitting from his black, gloved hand for a mere second; providing an eerie light within the monochrome room. She sat herself down on her bed that was stone hard and arctic cold, though both these features have begun to grow on her, as she was in his world quite often from him dragging her in there constantly. He called it the Dreamscape.
       "Deals? What kind of deals?"
       That question could’ve been the death of her. Deals. That word spun around in her mind, the meaning just out of reach. A reference to a card game? The signing of a contract? Or perhaps even a deal with the devil is what he meant? The man’s cunning grin only grew at her question, as if he was expecting it, which he most likely was.
       "Oh, it’s quite simple. I offer something to someone and they retaliate with something promised to me in return. It’s a win, win situation, honestly… Would you like to make a deal with me?"
       His voice sounded almost melodic as that word slipped off of his tongue; deal. What kind of deal could he possible offer to her? Maybe she can make a deal for him to stop pestering and following her around? It was a longshot, but worth a try.
       "Is there any way I can make a deal with you for you to leave me alone?"
       He tapped his covered hand against his chin in a gesture to show he was thinking about her words, though he really wasn’t, his smirk never residing from his slim face. Kicking his feet off the ground, he levitated himself above her, his hands reaching down to capture some of her silky red hair in his grasp, contently watching it as it fell back down passively against the side of her face.
       "I have an offer that you’ll most likely agree on. Though it doesn’t involve me leaving your side, kid. Whether you accept the deal or not, you’re stuck with me for quite some time. Though, my offer is slightly less… painful."
       Slightly. That words made her cringe, already shivering from him touching her hair. Her eyes narrowed up at the blond boy above her, her eyes trailing up his rather dapper style of clothing. His white undershirt, not a wrinkle to be seen, was tucked neatly underneath a pair or dark, formal dress pants, the top part covered by a pyramid patterned, golden tailcoat. Another rather formal attribute to his outfit was the isosceles bowtie he wore just below his neck. His right eye was covered by a black, triangular eyepatch, another golden triangle with a silted eye in the middle of it. He’s never gone into detail of why he wore the eyepatch, as he had mentioned multiple times he could see perfectly fine without it, though he just preferred it on most of the time. A rather tall, rectangular black top hat floated- yes, floated –above the blonds head, following his head whenever he turned or moved. He hasn’t stopped grinning since they entered the Dreamscape once she had fallen asleep, as they did nearly every night as long as she had the energy for it. She eyes him strangely, trying to read what he was thinking about, but it was as if he was an illegible chapter book not even a College graduate could attempt to read. She, after a moment of consideration, sighed, her gaze relaxing, albeit too tiring for her to continue her, rather rude, stare at him, not having slept in quite a few days.
       "What did you have in mind?"
       With a satisfied nod, he clapped his hands together, startling the younger girl below him enough for her to jump, her heart beat quickening. The sight of her scared expression brought amusement to him.
       "Well, this body isn’t exactly…. adequate enough for me to simply prance around the human world in, for it isn’t a full vessel. I need a human body to… possess, if you will, for a while as I go about my errands. There’s some unfinished business I need to take care of involving a certain human male that you seem to be well acquainted with… See where I’m going with this?"
       After processing his statement she replied with a father confused expression. She folded her arms in defense, slouching slightly in her seat, though not making a dent in the comforter underneath her weight that was practically frozen in time.
       "So… what you’re saying is that you need me as a… puppet of sorts to allow you to use me as if I was your own body? Like, possession in the movies? How would I benefit from this in any way, shape, or form? Seems pretty redundant to me…"
       He grinned, as if he wasn’t already, at her words, lowering himself down to her level, laying on air on his stomach, the bottom of his tailcoat obeying the laws of gravity and falling down by his sides. Yet his hat stayed perfectly erect.
       "I won’t be using you as a vessel the entire time, of course. Only certain occasions when I require it. You’ll still have free will, so there’s no worry for that. Where you benefit from this is where I stay by your side until the day you cough out your last breath, drip your last drop of blood, and take your last step, protecting you from those who wish harm to be placed upon you, assisting you with any major issues you may obtain in your short, human life. You’re quite the isolated female, kiddo, and you’re also the main target of ridicule and humiliation; rarely anyone is on your side… Wouldn’t it be absolutely delicious to know what’s it like to have a… friend? Especially a friend who can bring harm upon those who’ve hurt you?"
       His words stung her hard though remained true; she was never able to trust another human being enough to allow them to become her friend, let alone someone she’d trust her life with. Though, her trust for this demon in front of her still reigned short. Could she really trust him?
       "Earlier I asked you, what are you fighting for? You never gave me an answer because you don't have one. Well, if you give in to my deal now, I can give you a reason to fight the war sprawling out in your mind right now. Reality’s an illusion kid, and this God awful universe is just a hologram. So, why don’t you buy the gold, say hello to a new and improved life and bid that old, torturous life goodbye?"
       He leaned back away from her, outstretching a hand for her to shake; a bright, almost blinding familiar blue flame shooting out from his hand, surrounding his palm. Her eyes darted towards the flame, as if afraid she’ll get burnt just by looking directly as the illuminating aqua color. So many red flags shot of in her head, all of which were going ignored. He’s a demon, he’s not to be trusted! Have you never seen a movie before? He’ll betray you! This deal’s ridiculous, don’t agree. She shook her head of these thoughts and inquiries, her eyes peering back up at the demons uncovered, slitted black eye.
       "If I agree to this… deal, will anyone get hurt? Not just me, but anyone around me?"
He looked almost disappointed at her question, quickly snapping back to his usual suspicious looking complexion. He let out a rather creepy giggle, his shoulders bounding as his, somewhat spiked, hair on top of his head did in suit.
       "Why would you even bother wasting your worries on the mongrels around you? What has any of them done for you? Especially that Pinetree."
       He sneered, his grin, for once, disappearing into an angered frown, his teeth gritting to the point where it seemed they crack at any second. This unnerved the girl, having gotten used to his eerie grin for the past few weeks she’s known him.
       "He uses you, kid, don’t you see? He’s done nothing to help you, even after you’ve sacrificed so much for him. But with me, you’ll have no issues seeing that, once I’ve shown you how I can help you, I’m one to be trusted. Now…"
       His signature smile returned to his face once more, giving the girl a small sense of relief. He wiggled his fingers in the air towards her, the blue flame licking the cold air around it in desperation.
       " we have ourselves a deal?"
       Her face scrunched up in a concentrated expression, weighing over her options at the matter at hand. No matter what path she chose for herself, this golden demon was sure to follow her till she croaks or give in to the pressure. Though the thought of a bodyguard-like figure watching over her didn’t seem albeit too torturous sounding; in fact, it sounded almost too good to be true.
       "Tick tock, kid, times-a ticking. You’re about to wake up, so you might want to hurry and seal the deal, or else I’m calling it off once your eyes open."
       She squeezed her eyes shut, taking in a deep breath of the odorless room, letting out a huff of air. She looked down at her right hand, cracking her knuckled as she fumbled with her fingers.
       "Alright, demon…"
       She raised her head, a thin smile spreading onto her rather paled face as she peered directly into his eye. She reached her hand out to grasp his blue flamed one, giving it a firm shake; ignoring the warm sensation flowing from her fingertips and through her nervous system.
       "…it’s a deal."
       A rather malice glint flickered in the demons uncovered eye as his grinned only widened down at the girl, shaking back the small hand in his gloved grip.
       "You’ve made the right choice, kiddo. And, please…"
       The blue fire suddenly shot through the girls arm, surrounding her entire body as she’s lifted off of her stone bed and into the air, level with the demon whose fingers were still intertwined with hers.
       "…call me Bill."
       Her eyes suddenly shot open, her body jolting forward as her covers are flown off her body; sweat beading down her forehead and neck, though the temperature was at a low 75. With heavy and ragged breaths, she clutched the area where her heart was located on her chest, the beat quickening to a rather extreme pace. Her head swiveled around her room, to which the color had returned to its natural formation, her eyes opened wide, as if on a lookout for someone; to which she was. The green glowing numbers on her alarm clock read 6:26, only four minutes before her alarm was set to ring at. She felt utterly exhausted, having been in the Dreamscape not counting as a good night’s sleep. As a sort of unusual reflex of hers, she glanced down at the palms of her hands, only giving off a confused hum at what she saw.
       The image, of what seemed to be burned onto the palm of her hand, of a triangular figure with a single eye in the middle was now visible in her skin; the same symbol the demon had on the eyepatch he wore yet never needed.
       "If I happen to not be around, and something were to happen to you while I’m away, press this symbol up to any of your eyes. Think of it as a simple summoning technique I thought would be easy for you to manage. You’re not going to classes today, so sleep in. I’ll need you to tomorrow Saturday afternoon, however, so sleep well."
       The familiar male voice bounced off the walls of her room, slightly starling the girl from her sleep deprived state. With a sigh and a pinch of her nose, she reached over to shut off her alarm before rubbing the palm of her hand.
      A deal with a demon? I guess…

       I guess I could get used to it.
(Bill Cipher) A Deal With a Demon
After becoming utterly obsessed with the show Gravity Falls (more-so in love with Bill Cipher) I decided to write... whatever this is. 
It's part of a mini series I'm working on where Bill is constantly pestering and bothering this unnamed girl, all the while carrying out a deal he made with her; allowing him to take control of her body and (just like what happened with Dipper) walk around the human world and reek havoc. I don't have a name for the girl, nor will I ever because that's how I want ti to be. Nameless. Is that alright? I think that's alright.
Welp, enough rambling, I hope for those of you reading you enjoy this short! Please excuse any errors or confusing wordings I may have overlooked while revising.

Oh, and Bill Cipher (or anyone from Gravity Falls for that matter) do not belong to me in any way, I imply wrote this for the hell of it.


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I'll start coming on here more in hopes to making a name of myself.  :)

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